SunGhosts back from Magical Mischief Tour 2016!

SunGhosts are back from a 30-day road trip that had them playing 24 shows in 30 days!  They took off in a van with their instruments and the Quaz man to help them out.  With shows in Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and several more, they exposed a whole bunch of new people to their music and promoted their debut album. On the first day they returned we were already planning the next one.  These guys are non-stop!!

Jon Secada "The Line of Duty"

Recording new song by Jon Secada and Joel Someillan which highlights the need for good relations and RESPECT between police departments across the nation and the citizens they protect in every city.  Written and produced for a national campaign by the PBA, the song will be accompanied by a video and a campaign to promote peace and unity in our communities. Accompanied by some excellent Nashville musicians and background vocals by the talented Liza Quin.